The Magic of 45 Seconds

Do you have time for the things you love to do - and the money to do them?

If not, this extraordinary book is for you.

In it, Don Failla reveals his proven pathway to financial freedom, working just a few hours a week and with almost no money down.

What You Will Learn from
The 45 Seconds That Will Change Your Life
Why almost everything you`ve been told about network marketing (MLM) is false
Why most people INSIDE the MLM industry don`t really understand it
How to make money without ever "selling"
The extraordinary power of multiplication for creating unlimited wealth
The secret of spotting and nurturing winners who can make you rich
Why learning how to teach can make you richer than learning how to sell
How a handful of people can turn into a massive organization that makes you money
How to start making money in minutes, not weeks or months
How one short book can set you free

Don Failla's book makes success simple.

He takes all the complication out of network marketing, and shows you how grow your own home-based business step-by-step.

You'll learn a handful of "napkin presentations" that are easy to do and easy to duplicate. Anyone can learn how to grow their business in a few short minutes.

You'll know what to say, when to say it, and how to attract other people to follow your lead.

There's no mystery. No tricks. Just straightforward explanations of what you have to do build an unlimited income.

HOW to beat discouragement and prevent new people from giving up.
HOW to get over the fear of rejection.
WHERE exactly to spend your time as you're getting started
WHERE to allocate time as your organization begins to grow.
HOW to identify and develop potential leaders amongst your team members.
HOW to work with new distributors so they get serious about the business, sooner rather than later!
KNOW that there are only three simple things you "must-do". These are the three steps that people who make money in network marketing are already doing. (See page 95)
As well, you will receive 19 scripts that will allow you to professionally answer the most commonly asked questions. (See page 85).

With your book you get this extraordinary bonus: a complete audio workshop by Don Failla. You'll hear Don giving a live audience a detailed, practical guide to his business-building system.

This is the exact same workshop that Don and Nancy Failla used to build their organization of some 750,000 people.

Track 1The training that built 750,000 downline in the last 12 years.
Track 2Who is Don Failla?
Track 3You only need 5 good business builders.
Track 4Sizzle Sessions - for "Team Building".
Track 5Self Motivators - $400 extra = $200,000 in the bank.
Track 690% of people want a better life NOT health products.
Track 7Who is your best prospect?
Track 8Sales people, failure syndrome.
Track 9How to make a friend and meet their friends.
Track 10Talking your prospect out of the business.
Track 11Training meeting verses opportunity meeting.
Track 12Don's winning three (3) step system.
Track 13Step 1 - How do I prospect a friend / a stranger?.
Track 14I've made a friend what do I say next?
Track 15Step 2 - Understanding how to drive.
Track 16Let the book / CD do the talking.
Track 17Step 3 - How to explain the business in 20 minutes.
Track 18You only need a short list of friends to get started.
Track 19Your acres of diamonds.
Listen Up! Why the CD is an Essential Companion to the Book

It's one thing to read The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life. It's another to fully absorb its transformative message.
When you hear Don Failla's lively and inspiring presentation of his approach, you'll find yourself fully owning the 45-Second methodology.

This full-length CD is like a personal coaching session with a master of success, and that's why it adds massive value to the book.

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Audio CD
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Learn to lead... learn to duplicate... learn to earn a life-changing residual income!

Based on Don's Own Your Life Workshop. This system has made Don and Nancy among the world's most successful network marketers.

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